Wednesday, 2 October 2013

IT Companies Freelancing Search Engine Optimization Services to Overseas

 It's funny that most of our clients are SEO companies from USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Still have the courage to call themselves and SEO when they scarcely the SEO work.

There are several negative publicities, written and published about SEO off-shore, which is not true. What is worse is that these articles are written by SEO companies from United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia aimed at discrediting SEO off-shore. Ironically, these SEO companies are known to have outsourced SEO in the Philippines and India. And yet, on their Blogs and articles published, they generalize that offshore companies are incompetent!

It is true that offshore outsourcing SEO comes with very similar risks when choosing a company within your city, State or country. There will always be fraudulent offshore companies but this is also true for SEO companies in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The risks are unavoidable part of search engine optimization. In fact, the results of SEO campaigns are highly uncertain because no one knows the exact formula on how to work with search engine algorithms. The actual plan can realize success or maybe don't succeed determined by numerous elements.

Why SEO companies in USA, UK, Canada and Australia outsource SEO offshore

Apparently, the cost is the main reason why outsourcing SEO is a popular strategy for SEO companies. It costs twice as much to keep an American SEO than when you hire a SEO specialist American to do the same job. Both countries have different cost of living, which explains the disparity of income but both SEO should do the same job and get the same result-best placements on the major search engines.

Competition drove SEO companies in USA, UK, Canada and Australia to outsource offshore. With the way that the global economy is doing now, it is not surprising that economic entrenchment has become a top priority for companies around the world. As a result, price or cost was catapulted as the main consideration when companies decide to choose which outsourcing company. In addition, outsourcing companies cut back on their expenditure and explore their options for a commercial operation more convenient. Offshore Outsourcing seems to be the only practicable solution so she could keep up with the competition. Competitors are already outsourcing, some if not all of their operations, to earn the cost advantage so why didn't they?
Really I don't have a problem with SEO services off-shore outsourcing. Although I'm more of a dealer SEO company SEO, they are still useful for SEO offshore operations because they provide additional jobs. What isn't right is for them to destroy the reputation of SEO companies off to create a mindset that is the best option and that SEO offshore companies are a group of thugs.